Feel better now, get out there!!!



Its was another chilly November morning here in Washington State. Went on a beautiful hike yesterday, which felt amazing!!

Connecting with nature is so important, especially for those of use who spend most of our time indoors or on a computer;)

The hike was challenging at first, especially having to breathe in the chilly morning air. But after awhile, the fresh air began to feel rejuvenating and my tense, cold muscles began to relax. I felt SO fantastic and happy after my hike, I had to share!!

What is stopping you?? Get out there enjoy a little piece of this beautiful planet:) I promise you will feel WAY BETTER!!

Have a good weekend all you health nuts;)

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2 comments on “Feel better now, get out there!!!
  1. N5PIX says:

    It is a challenge to walk in cold weather. How far did you hike?

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